Hot Laps

Hot Laps.


Below Hot Laps Forms Part of The Porsche Factory Visits.


  1. Various options available after factory tour and lunch.
  2. Refer tour details to see which option is included.
  3. Additional options can be accommodated. A minimum of 3 months notice required.

Porsche Plant Leipzig Track – (FIA-certified)

Designed by Formula 1 architect Hermann Tilke, who integrated sections of world-renowned race tracks and their characteristics, using GPS data and 3D computer simulated models for absolute precision to recreate elevations, curved radiuses and road surfaces.

Option 1. Co-Pilot 911

Co-Driver (With an expert instructor)

Guaranteed to pin you to your co-drivers racing seat you will be wisked away in a 911 with one of the expert instructors, giving you the thrill of a life time with the oh-so unmistakable sound of a Porsche around every bend of the FIA-certified track.

Option 2. Co-Pilot Cayenne / Panamerra

Co-Driver (With an expert instructor)

Same as Option 1

Option 3. Co-Pilot 911 GT3 Cup *(Available April through October only).

Co-Driver (With an expert instructor)

This time you put your helmet on and surround yourself with-in the carbon bucket seat! Directly from the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup – the fastest international one-make cup in the world, Martini Racing Design with the starting number 88, 460 hp, sequential six-speed gearbox and 1150 kg vehicle weight and driven by Sébastien Loeb.

Option 4. Pilot On-road

Self Drive – (With a professional Instructor)

You choose, be it a 718 Boxster, a 718 Cayman, a 911, a Cayenne or a Panamera!! After receiving instructions from your professional instructor you will be able to drive  on the Porsche on-road circuit with your instructor assisting you to get closer to the racing line lap after lap.

Option 5. Pilot Mix

Self Drive – (Under professional supervision)

Difficult to decide which Porsche is the right one for you? With this option you have the chance to choose a classic Porsche 911, mid-engined 718 Boxster or 718 Cayman, Cayenne / Macan 4×4 or the Panamera with Porsche instructors available to explain the differences between these vehicle. Moreover, the main focus is always on your driving enjoyment.

Option 6. Pilot Off-road (Basic)

Off-road challenges, boulders, ridges and mud are all no obstacle – 100 m water-filled ditches  and an extreme 80% gradient ramp and stone steps forms part of the challenges. A professional instructor will take you along this exciting track and you’ll be doing some of the driving yourself!  A minimum of +/- 15 min. of self-drive time is included.

Option 7. Pilot Off-road (Intensive)

6 km track of Off-road challenges – after detailed instruction in the vehicle, your instructor will explain the Porsche off-road track and the basics of professional driving skills in an off-road environment after which you will ascend the external ramp and stone steps, drive across the tilted track and cross over a bank. Experience undulating surfaces, a water crossing and many other obstacles.


Co – Pilot options. Minimum age – 16 years.

All Pilot (Self Drive options) (Not Co-Pilot)
Drivers must have held a valid driving licence for a minimum of the past 3 years.
Drivers must be in possession of a driving license that has been valid for at least the last 3 years. The commodatum agreement with an excess of 2,500 Euro is to be signed at the plant. Porsche Leipzig Pilot, Co-Pilot and Discover: Under bad weather conditions during the winter months (snow or ice on the track), a four-wheel drive Porsche 911 or Cayenne model will be driven for the aforementioned driving experience offers. This is necessary for safety reasons. The resulting price difference will be refunded to the purchaser.

Please note, that the experience is not available for only one participant.

Off Road basic – Approx. 3 hours, including 2 hour factory tour and approx. 15 min. drive time per person. Up to 4 participants per vehicle.

Off Road intensive – Approx. 3 hours, including 2 hour factory tour and approx. 45 min. drive time.
1 participant per vehicle.


Information to follow.