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Porsche Leipzig factory F1 approved track - experience the absolute exhiliration and emotion these cars envoke.
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Mustravel.com / Porscheplatz.com Tours Incorporated is an exclusive supercar touring agent that takes you into the heartland of speed, the belly of engineering beauty, to introduce avid admirers and owners alike to the world of perfection, the splendour of design and the life of opulence like only the Germans and Italians can showcase. 

Join enthusiast, owner and entrepreneur Les Barnes as he takes you behind the scenes with an all access pass into a fast-paced and ever evolving world he has been involved with and passionate about since he can remember; the world of the luxury supercar. 

Walk through the history of the most famous motoring brands, visit famous motoring houses and factories, museums, experience exhilarating hot laps around F1 approved tracks, enjoy fascinating driving tours and endless lifestyle events, restaurants and food tours and even take in a Formula One stand-off. Rev your engines for the experience of a lifetime.

Porscheplatz – place of ultimate perfection and fascination in motion…. and the obvious starting point of our Stuttgart tours considering what happens around the circle at Porscheplatz – the Porsche factory, Porsche museum, Classic Restoration and Porsche Dealership. 

On to Leipzig – Porschestraße 1, the Porsche factory and magnificent F1 approved factory test track extends the brand’s fascinating range of manufacturing and testing. For the 356 enthusiast, a visit to Gmünd in Austria – the birthplace of the Porsche 356 included. 

Porscheplatz.com Tours does not just focus on Porsche marque alone and include visits to the rest of the Volkswagen premium marques showcasing Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ducati in the famous Italian Motor Valley. 

The exciting Volkswagen Wolfsburg plant and museum as well as Audi in Ingolstadt complete the Porscheplatz family in Europe, with Bentley in the United Kingdom. 

Completing the Volkswagen Group, Porscheplatz.com Tours also includes Italy’s famous Motor Valley where the balance of the Volkswagen Group is situated, showcasing Lamborghini, Ducati and Bugatti. 


Still in Motor Valley, we also visit the Ferrari and Enzo Ferrari Museum, Maserati, Pagani, Alfa Romeo. While we are here, we throw in a few food and restaurant tours, what can be better! 

To bring more excitement, Porscheplatz.com Tours also includes exciting top German brands, factories and their museums in Stuttgart and further afield. The magnificent Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart and factory in Sindelfingen, AMG plant also in Sindelfingen, BMW museum and factory in Munich, RUF-Automobile Manufacturer and independent racing outfit  in Pfaffenhausen as well as the famous historical 2 x Sinsheim and other motor museums. 

Numerous other manufacturing sites within the Volkswagen Group spread throughout Europe also form part of our exciting line-up of visits. 

Day trips to historical towns and cities, unforgettable driving and lifestyle tours along with so many more incredible experiences forms part of the above factory visits and completes the experiences for both enthusiasts as well as their traveling companions. 

The Self-Driving Tours are equally exhilarating, with routes covering areas all over Germany and Austria. The experience is so much more than visiting a showroom. These parts of Germany are filled with old-world charm and modern-day magic. It is gorgeous to behold. The design, the precision and the process of manufacturing of these vehicles are incredible to see first-hand.

Combine some of this perfection with a lifestyle tour, our offerings which includes a week in the snow, a magic tour by train, a Grand Prix, Le Mans, etc. – alternatively, an itinerary designed by yourself. Combine all of this and life can’t be any better.


Experience The Porscheplatz.com Legacy.

Exclusive l Perfection l Fascination

You have seen the cars, admired their slick lines, the effortless magnificence with which they navigate the highways and the elegant sophistication of every manufactured and experienced detail. You may have even had the good fortune to get behind the steering wheel of one of these powerful (and beautiful) creations, and dreamed about plotting a course along one of Top Gear’s best (in the world) tracks to really behold the ‘super’ of it all.  

Welcome to a world that allows you to dot your i’s and cross your t’s on all of the above at the heart of the system, in the hub of manufacturing magic, at the place where it all begins and where it all comes from – a place of magic and perfection, a place called Porscheplatz

What is Porscheplatz? It is the roadway and circle that leads to all that is Porsche sacred, the circle of infinity in Zuffenhausen Stuttgart and surrounded by the Porsche Factory, the new Porsche Museum, Classic Restoration (Werks1) and one of the major Porsche dealerships in the world. It is the inspiration and the ignition point of Porscheplatz.com – an unrivalled supercar experience for the connoisseur, the novice and the dreamer alike from where perfection follows through and takes you to (motor car) magic, no matter the marque or tour experience.

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About us.

The driving force behind Porscheplatz.com, Les Barnes, is a seasoned (and extremely passionate) professional who has dedicated most of his life to everything super about these majestic beasts of the motorways. 

With more than 36 years of experience as part of the steering mechanism behind the Porsche Club of South Africa, his knowledge, expertise and pure love of the supercar brand makes him the ideal tour guide to introduce clients to the behind the scenes world of the luxury motoring industry. 

In the 18 years that he has been organising these factory tours, he has ushered thousands of enthusiasts along the red-carpet world of motoring royalty. Guests have been treated to laps around F1 approved factory test tracks and delectable meals served by Michelin chefs in the Factory restaurants. 

Not only does the entire Volkswagen Group, which includes the Porsche brand, focus highly on his agenda, it also includes the balance of exciting brands of the group based in the famous Motor Valley of Italy. Top German manufacturers, including those known to have a distant historical connection to the Porsche marque namely Mercedes also features on the list. BMW and all other brands included in his portfolio have proven their well-earned space in this arena due to their quality and Super Car credentials.

The above enthusiasm speaks for itself with all tours on offer, and he lives by the motto:-

……All my life I tried to do everything perfect, now come and experience perfection with me……  

With more than 37 years of snow skiing under the belt, earning his stripes on the famous and most fearsome Streif, (Hahnenkamm) of Kitzbühel, with the forerunner of the World Cup downhill race as his instructor, and 22 years of organising ski trips – it has become a preferred way of life. Only the best in accommodation and quality of resorts will be chosen and placed on offer to match the passion that goes with the unmistaken chosen description of perfection that is Porscheplatz.

Needless to say – the same can be said of all other tours on offer. Come and experience perfection with me….and make memories that can only be equalled with new ones second time around.

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